VARIETY ENTERTAINMENT: Spice up your party with something different. We offer a wide variety of specialty talents and can tailor costuming and content to coordinate with your event's theme. These options are great as greeters, photo opportunities and party ringers to get the party started. Let your imagination run wild and offer your guests interactive and unusual talent that will certainly make your party memorable and delight your guests. 

Some of our most popular variety entertainers include: 
Cajun Dancers
Caricature Artists
Celebrity Look-a-likes
Fire Eaters
Roaming Buffet Tables
Stilt Walkers
Tarot Card Readers
Walking Heads
THEME PARTIES: Let one of our agents create or enhance your own unique theme party. We can help with any of the details that you need assistance with, or plan the entire event for you. Our flexible and courteous staff has a long and successful track record for creating unique, memorable and fun events to fit any budget. Make your party and/or product stand out with the behind the scenes assistance you need to shine. 
PARADES: New Orleans is the city that likes to strut! We offer a wide variety of classic theme parades and can help you incorporate them into your event to turn it up! We use parades for a grand entrance, a dramatic exit and a venue to venue escort or a just a palette cleanser. The energy, color and sound of a parade gets the whole crowd rallied and leaves a lasting festive impression. Trinkets and throws are available through our office. We can even help you with custom name branding. Call one of our helpful agents for details. 

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