Pin Stripe Brass Band is part of the New Orleans brass band revival, which began in the mid 1960's and continues to this day. Their music is not confined entirely to the street, as they are capable of performing as a small Jazz band.
"The Pin Stripe Band was AMAZING! Everyone loved them! They were honestly the life of the party and really helped kick off our marriage in style." Lindsay, March 6th Second Line

"The only way to explain the night and the bands, is perfect. I have heard only compliments and was told that in the back room you could not tell if it was live or from an iPod. Very impressive! Thanks for the efforts and the hard work. Please also pass on my thanks to both groups." Tony Averbuch

"It was fantastic. My guests were blown away. Totally. I really enjoyed meeting the band members, wish I had had more time to chat with them." Leo, August 28th Second Line in Birmingham, AL